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The home of our unique flavor packed Smoking pellets. Our pellets give you a light, sweet smoke, the flavor of which is reminiscent of the tropical country where they are produced.

We are the only company in the world making this type of smoking pellet. Our unique blend of secret ingredients, once used by a select few, is now available across the world.

You don’t even need to own a smoker just any BBQ with a lid. Yes you can prepare your own smoked meats in the time it takes to cook them. Don’t stop with meats, Fish, Vegetables, and even fruit. (Try a slice of fresh pineapple with Smokin’Hot pellets and see what we mean.)
Smokin’Hot pellets will yield a more intense smoke more quickly which seals the food, locking in natural moisture and adding smoke flavor exactly when it’s needed.


SmokinHot tinsOnly smoke a few times a year? Then this is the product for you. A one-time use tin which holds 50 grams of our pellets, more than enough for your average smoking session. No mess easy to use with any BBQ . Get our unique Smokin’Hot flavor in a simple package. Love it so much, take these on your vacation don’t be without your favorite smoke.

Smokin’hot Spray smoke


“All of the flavor none of the Hassle”

Pushed for time? Fancy a new taste experience? Not sure you want to use smoking pellets, holders for pellets, tins, etc. Then this is the one for you.

Our Smokin'Hot spray is made from our unique blended pellets so you can taste the difference straight away. We have allowed our tonnes of our pellets to smolder away for days in a special kiln; the resultant smoke is captured and then distilled to remove everything but the flavor. It is so refinedthat it is a clear colorless liquid. Safe for you and your family to enjoy when you want that smoked flavor but the “easy way”.

All you have to do is to spray our flavor packed liquid Smoke onto your sausages, chops, ribs, fish anything you want to taste as if it had been smoked, just a minute or less before you take your meat or fish from the grill. You will be amazed at the results.

If you are a cook and make say, sausages then you can add our Smokin’Hot liquid directly to the mix to impart the smoked flavor we all love so much.
Sold in convenient Pump Spray bottle of 3.4 Fl. Ozs. (100 ml.)

Smokin’Hot Garlic

SmokinHot Spray Garlic

Garlic Flavor

Our Smokin’Hot liquid blended with pure garlic, one spray is all you need. Instant Smoke and Garlic at the same time.

Smokin’Hot Liquid Chili

SmokinHot Spray Chili

Chili Flavor

Our Smokin’Hot liquid blended with Thai Birds eye chilies. Instant Smoke and Chili heat at the same time.