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Now you can offer your customers authentic smoked food in the time it takes to cook their meat or fish. No longer hours to give your clients that smoked meat they wanted for dinner. Put the meat on the griddle put a few pellets alongside the meat and cover. In minutes you have your smoked meat for your client’s meal. Using a commercial smoker unit then use our pellets create a new and exciting flavor. Keep your clients coming back for more?

Our pellets give a good colour to your meat and coupled with either your marinades or ours (see recipe section) makes your food the envy of your friends. Then the flavor is something else!

Some of you will have slightly more commercialbarbecue-726465 operations. Our pellets are equally suited to high volume smoking. One thing you will notice is that due to the high volume of smoke you will need far less pellets than normal, making Smokin’Hot pellets very economic in use, just another reason to use them. We also supply our Smokin’Hot pellets in bulk 20Kg sacks for the larger user.

Ideas and New Products

Smoked Figs

Smoked fresh figs.

Lightly smoked figs which have a delectable flavor, as we said even fruits can be smoked.

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SmokinHot Tins A brand new product is for the casual smoker who would like to have a disposable smoke bomb without the expense of a full blown smoker. Take it out of the carton, “Crack” the lid with the ring pull. (Do not remove the lid completely. We are looking into a new system which has a hole covered by a removable sticker so people do not inadvertently remove the lid completely) Place the tin inside your BBQ above the heat and smoke will permeate whatever meat, fish or vegetables you have on the BBQ. When you have finished smoking your chosen food, throw the tin away . Perfect for anyone to use, even on vacation you can have your favorite smoking pellets with you. Shown is the Flavorsmoke version livery. We can also produce any private label for you. Available now.