Green productAll our products are from green, renewable resources. Smokin’Hot pellets have exceptional burn quality Smokin’Hot pellets are all natural and uses no oils or additives, is salt-free & has exceptional flavor and are enjoyable with anything you like to BBQ such as pork, ham, poultry, fish, cheese, and game birds. The flavor intense pellets only require a small quantity for the average cookout! Allow food to smoke longer for more intense flavor!
How To
  • To use with a conventional gas grill, place 20-40 pellets depending on the size, onto aluminum foil place directly over the flame, close the lid and allow a few minutes for the pellets to begin smoking, then add food, close the lid and cook as normal.
  • For charcoal grills or grills with ceramic briquettes, add pellets directly to hot coals or briquettes and close the lid to allow meats to absorb the sweet smoke flavors.
  • For smokers with a pellet tray you can add pellets as needed to the tray.


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