We are the only company in the world making this type of smoking pellet.

Our unique blend of secret ingredients, once used by a select few, is now available across the world.

What Makes Us Different?smokin’hot

You don’t even need to own a smoker just any BBQ with a lid. Yes you can prepare your own smoked meats in the time it takes to cook them. Don’t stop with meats, Fish, Vegetables, and even fruit. (Try a slice of fresh pineapple with Smokin’Hot pellets and see what we mean.)
Smokin’Hot pellets will yield a more intense smoke more quickly which seals the food, locking in natural moisture and adding smoke flavor exactly when it’s needed.Read More >

Our Productsfrom renewabale sources

All our products are from green, renewable resources. Smokin’Hot pellets have exceptional burn quality Smokin’Hot pellets are all natural and uses no oils or additives, is salt-free & has exceptional flavor and are enjoyable with anything you like to BBQ such as pork, ham, poultry, fish, cheese, and game birds. The flavor intense pellets only require a small quantity for the average cookout! Allow food to smoke longer for more intense flavor!Read More >

Distribution commercial and OEM

Our products are readily available for retail, commercial and OEM distribution. For further info and prices you can register your profile hereRead More >

Smokin Hot Products

Our Flavour Is Unique

  • It is extremely economic you useonly afewpellets to smoke your chosen product.
  • It is produced fromrenewable resources.
  • We use no binders o rchemicals in ou rproducts, everything is natural.
  • We constantly have new products in development.These will create a new approach to smoking.
  • Our product is equally at home in commercial smokers, or Domestic BBQ’s showing considerable cost savings over normal woodchips, such as Hickory and Mesquite due to the smaller number of pellets required.
  • Until now it was difficult to impart that wonderful smoked flavor to meat or fish in a restaurant kitchen time scale. With our product you can offer smoked meats to your clients in the time it takes to cook them. This is opening up a whole new market previously difficult to access because of the long smoking times.